Tuesday, June 23, 2015

All Ducks Are Birds

Sunday, Father's Day, I got a new cellphone. I know what you're thinking, but you're wrong. There's no causation between those two sentences though both by themselves are absolutely correct.

Sunday was Father's Day, and as you can see above, and below and below and below that, I have a new cellphone. If it helps, Sunday was also Raymond Douglas Davies' 71st birthday.

He did not get me a camera for his birthday though perhaps he did get himself one. It's one of those imponderables. So is this: this camera in this new cell phone takes remarkable photos.

Its audio player has superlative fidelity, at least to my ancient ears at three something in the morning when I'm panting like an Irish wolfhound when all I really am is long in the tooth on a treadmill at Planet Fitness.

There is a better than average chance that I may someday use the cell phone to make a telephone call. Once I learn where the slot is to put the dime.

Meanwhile, I can watch this and wait for someone to come back with change.

- bill kenny

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