Monday, June 29, 2015

Burke and Niemoller Say to Stand Up

I live in Southeastern Connecticut, specifically in Norwich which, says,, is 5,907.8 miles from Baghdad, Iraq.

I think the visual is a nice touch. It's what's called in the biz an 'embedded learning object,' and as we all know there's no biz like show biz. Enhances and deepens understanding say folks who get paid large amounts of money to tell me stuff like that (explains my wallet).

I don't need a visual to understand that a year after they started popping up in news service feeds from the four corners of the globe, ISIS, or ISIL or DAIISH , are very definitely a human plague of incalculable magnitude.

Were they to be restricted to/confined in the "Middle East" they would be horrible enough but these zealots who murder in the name of their own perversion of a Divinity so awful that S/He, in Her/His infinite wisdom, would not recognize itself in their belief system, are the perfect version of Churchill's fanatic. They will not change their minds and they cannot change the subject.

I/you/we can continue to worry about what Kim and Kanye will call their next baby, or what Marvel comic will get turned into which movie in the next decade and get so butt-deep in the minutiae stream that we can nearly forget about the barbarians at the gates, but they won't forget about us.

And we have the voices of the past, and the lessons they offer us if we choose to listen, from whom to learn. If you're someone bearing a strong resemblance to about half the folks seeking the Republican Party's nomination for President who believes that Arabs and Muslims (they're not one and the same. sorry FNC) haven't strongly said 'enough is enough' you're wrong.

One more embedded learning object to underscore the point of today's lesson? Only if you insist.

Silence is murder and murder is always evil.
- bill kenny

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