Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Sometimes it Takes a Good Scare

My wife, Sigrid, suffered a heart attack at some point Sunday and we went to our hospital, Backus, and their ER early in the evening when her heartburn and nausea concerned even her.

It took less than forty minutes for the very talented folks at Backus to decide she needed to take a helicopter ride to Hartford Hospital where, confirming she had indeed had a heart attack, the doctors put a stent into one of the arteries on the right side of her heart.

My heart has just started to return to normal as each passing minute since all of that on Sunday night suggests she will make a full and speedy recovery, as long as she is very good and does what her doctors tell her to do.

My job as fretter-in-chief will be to make sure she does. And she will. I promised her an exciting life when I asked her to marry me. The intent then (as it is now), was to take her breath away and make her heart glad. Thinking it's time to double down and get to work. Loving someone for forever doesn't happen by itself.
-bill kenny

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