Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Ribbons of Euphoria

Calling all “Somebodies!” We know who we are. We’re the ones who see trash on the sidewalk and think “somebody should pick that up,” or watch people at Howard Brown Park throw bread to the ducks and seagulls right in front of the “Do Not Feed” signs and feel “somebody should tell them to stop.”

Yep, somebody should do a lot of things-not just here in Norwich, of course-but everywhere, though right here at home is a pretty good start.

In case you hadn’t noticed, along with a lot of other stuff, we’re having a ‘somebody’ shortage. It mostly happens because we think we don’t have the money or the talent or the time to be that somebody who makes a difference when, in just a minute or with no more money than that we’d otherwise spend on a cup of coffee, we can join our talents with others like (and unlike) us and BECOME the difference. If each of us gave a little we’d soon have a whole lot of a whole lot.

No single drop of rain feels itself responsible for the flood that follows and that, roughly, is how “crowdfunding” works. A trickle of dollars for a project or a cause you believe in is transformed into a river of change, literally and figuratively.

I love crowdfunding and have supported local projects to include a vegetable garden at Kelly Middle School and the successful effort to stage “Benedict Arnold” at what is now the Chestnut Street Playhouse.

We have another opportunity to be somebody who helps Downtown Norwich, specifically 90 Main Street as the Bold as Love Guild whose Go Fund Me page asks, “Why Not, Norwich?”

The page explains far better than I ever could how their goal is to be a creative space in the heart of the city that will both entice and showcase artistic expression as well as spur innovative initiatives of the very type that were, and still are (they believe, and so should we), a hallmark of cities and towns across New England.  

90 Main Street is that empty multi-story red building next door to the municipal garage, just up the street from Encore Justified, practically across from NCDC.  As their introduction to the community they hope to join, you can get a sneak preview by visiting them this Friday as part of  Downtown Norwich First Friday activities.

It’s a chance to “help make something beautiful happen” and those don’t come along every day. I hope you’ll put your money where their dream is, I did. It’s an investment from which all of us will benefit.

After all, some dance in the rain while others get wet. Who are you?
-bill kenny  

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