Sunday, June 28, 2015

Four Words Forever

It's funny how people prove to be bigger (and often better) than the labels we, in our intellectual haste and arrogance, slap on them. The last ten days have proven to be that way for the caped crusaders who work at 1 First Street Northeast, Washington DC, 20543.

Not sure how revolutionary or evolutionary any of changes that result from decisions by Chief Justice John Roberts and the rest of The Supremes will be one hundred years from now but at this moment I'd offer they've made a much larger impact together than any of the Presidents who individually nominated them or the Congresses which approved them could have ever imagined.

The big excitement was early in the day on Thursday though it wasn't as gripping a read as Dashiell Hammet's The Glass Key, it was still quite a good one. One that we'll be talking about, or at least members of one political party will be, through the Presidential elections next year.

If you're looking for a good snooze, you might want to check out the decision rendered on this past Thursday the 25th reference the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs et al Inclusive Communities Project et al but you'd be wrong in terms of excitement. I always think when you have ET as a plaintiff, it's a tough fight, but then again I have a bike without a basket.  

Of course, on Friday, for some the world ended while for others it began anew. And for those in the former camp, I recall a sunrise yesterday morning and am confident, depending on what time today you're coming across this, we'll have another one, just like all the other ones, today as well.

Not sure my little brain understands all the hullaballoo since I can read simple English and understood the conclusions were foregone when you read what's over the doorway, "Equal Justice For All."

-bill kenny

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