Friday, June 26, 2015

Skin in the Game

I take a great deal of comfort from my belief in karma which allows me to rationalize before I close my eyes at night that all the evil and horrible things I did to people during the preceding day they (somehow) had coming to them.
It’s always the simple lies that help us sleep…

I’m thinking maybe the universe shares my belief. What else should I conclude when an article is called, “Report Says Erectile Dysfunctional Drugs Increases Skin Cancer Risk”? So much for sitting in adjoining bathtubs with a smile as your umbrella I guess.    

All this time I had assumed the greatest danger was risk of injury in a horseshoe pitching competition immediately after taking an ED aid. Curiously, I’ve never read/heard of any reports noting an uptick in calls to the Guinness Records Book people for any reason. Of course, unlike eating before swimming in that instance you’re supposed to wait for four hours.

The report on the (very, very) preliminary research did NOT suggest to me that scientists had any specific insights into where men were getting skin cancer, but between us. I think we can guess. Some advice, much like Coppertone, cannot be slathered on often enough, and we may have the research to prove it.
-bill kenny

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