Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Raised on Mr. Wizard and grown old (though not wise) with Bill Nye and Neil de Grasse Tyson, I revere science and technology and vastly benefit from it on a daily basis, as do we all, without understanding much more than half a lick of any of it. 

I’ve read a great deal about Michael Faraday, but all I get out of any of the material is when I turn on the wall switch the overhead light comes on. And when it doesn’t I click the switch a few hundred times in the hopes it will now.  

But speaking of dim bulbs and light switches, I heard about this international cooperative effort on the ABC News station of my Slacker Radio smartphone package while pounding away on the cross trainer at my Planet Fitness center in the wee small hours yesterday morning and was entranced-okay, I was also a little winded but mostly entranced, at the possibilities. 

I understand it’s not on the order of the International Space Station or the Manhattan Project (though thanks to Space X, the two do resemble one another more than intended), but what a wonderful ‘one small step for mankind.’

Perhaps, depending on how often you say the magic phrase, a slightly wobbly step, but stay home for the holiday (either Canada Day this Wednesday, 1 July or our own Fourth of July) and your room of consumption will eventually stop spinning ‘round though the fool on the hill will remain perfectly still. With apologies to Kiss and kabuki enthusiasts everywhere, shout it out loud.

Part of me hopes in the interests of inclusion, they’ll program it to respond to “I Am Spartacus,” but the chances of getting Kirk Douglas and Tony Curtis  to wear toques are about the same as my success in stopping the electricity leakage by taping my wall outlets shut. Good Day
- bill kenny  


Anonymous said...

Holy Hosers, indeed, esteemed reportagiertallyvous!!!
If only it'll recog slurs after a bit! Where do I stick my Queenie quarters?
Leeroy MacKenzie

Anonymous said...

Mes excuses, mon ami, il était pas mon intention d'offenser. Je suis ravi d'apprendre que vous avez survécu à votre mars forcée de quatre jours dans ce terrain de golf. Meilleurs voeux à Lafayette! -bill kenny