Monday, June 22, 2015

Burnin' Like the Midnight Sun

Maybe it was all the rain we had yesterday (and we had a lot) that caused me to be introspective (it did cause me to have to find a dictionary and look up the word to describe what I was feeling).

It was a combination of the rain we needed and the rain we deserved, with the emphasis (I think) on the totality of the amount rather than on the steadiness of the downpouring

I had hours yesterday to examine the circumstances and people I have in my life and how the former led to the latter and what became of us once that happened.

I was more than a little surprised by the number of people I can remember from my days growing up on Bloomfield Avenue in New Brunswick (actually Franklin Township), across the years and classmates at Rutgers only one of whom, Nat, am I still in contact with to those with whom I served in the Air Force and elsewhere, like the Other Bill, Beau, Roger, Floyd, Lee, Mark and the decades since where I've stayed in one place, mostly, while the earth has moved.

I have had a great deal of good fortune to know remarkable and talented people, many of whom I am related to by blood and/or birth and others who tolerate me for reasons that say far more about their talents than about my abilities.

Eventually, at least around here, the rain will stop. I hope, not so quickly as my admiration for those who have chosen to make a place in my life. I'd like that to linger for a while or more and burn like the midnight sun.
-bill kenny

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