Thursday, June 4, 2015

Draw this Dog

I suppose I should explain how we got here, except I don’t know anything about you. I’m here because I do this every day of the year and have for a very long time. 

I understand my motivation, but all I can judge you on is your behavior. Whatever brings you here, thanks-some days that is as good as it gets. You will have to decide if this is one of those some days or not.  

I mention all that as a disclaimer for this stuff today. I was thinking about an acquaintance, who, I was told, was a member of Mensa (there’s this for Womensa; you’re welcome).  

Because of how I’m wired, I imagined the test for Mensa membership being akin to that dog’s head on the back of those old matchbooks you were challenged to draw. The Mensa part was in explaining the breed and knowing its Latin name, like ‘poopsus everywhereibus’ or ‘licksibus like a carwasharum.’ Or something similar.

When I smoked tobacco cigarettes, which I did like a chimney at three packs a day for 23 years and then stopped cold-turkey, I had a Zippo lighter, but always carried a book of matches ‘just in case.’ Yeah, I’d have been better advised to have carried another set of lungs, but too soon old-too late smart. 

Despite having the matchbook, I was never able to successfully draw a correct conclusion much less the dog. I find it interesting when you go to the Art Instruction Schools’ website, they don’t mention the dog at all.

If you’re waiting for a life lesson, we passed your stop already. There’s not a whole lot more to this than what you’ve just waded through. Some days the moving finger, having writ moves on; other days, one digit stands stock-still at attention like a sentinel at his post.
-bill kenny    

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