Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Nutmeg Variation of Happiness

Northern people, John Lennon was once quoted as saying, are blunt. He meant Northern people in England but could have just as easily meant those from New England as well. At least I hope so as we have folks with all the fingertip sensibility of turnips.

The heartbreak and catastrophe of Newtown, and no I'm not about to launch into a a skit on the Second Amendment or gun safety but this is interesting and worth a discussion in the near future, but I could with little provocation, still fresh in so many people's minds, though not very many in the Senate of the United States, what should you think when you see this headline "Connecticut School Board Members To Open Gun Store?"

I would never say Tom Sirard, a person whom I have not met (nor likely shall), is a cloth-eared lout but, hand on my heart, how does the explanation 'the timing appears awkward' sound to you?

I'm leaning towards the word unfortunate but that's because I'm hoping to get that "Soul of Helpfulness" Merit Badge real soon. Point in fact, the irony is so rich in some of this, you'll be tempted to eat it with a fork but please use a spoon, because you'll want to get every drop.
-bill kenny

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