Sunday, May 19, 2013

One Trick Pony Less than One Trick

The thing about real life is that sometimes it's surreal.  And the more different you think we are the more frequently you find out how much the same we remain when you remove the edifice and the artifice.

Who among us hasn't wanted to be invisible? Having been treated that way for prolonged periods of time by huge numbers of people, I confess to no longer seeing the appeal but I remember as a child the idea that this would be an ideal super power.

Maybe true for you as well, but my favorite part of Star Trek TV shows and movies has always been when one side or the other activates the cloak of invisibility and I remain fixated and fascinated by the idea of the Stealth fighter and bomber. The technology I don't understand and have no chance of ever grasping but the 'now you see it, now you don't' aspect pegs the Very Cool Meter.

So I can understand how this fellow could have been enticed, especially since the pay-off promised to be so simple and immediate. Considering where this story purportedly happened, I'm amazed and grateful we, the US of A, weren't blamed for this. Take a look at the picture again and tell me his eyes don't creep you out, just a little bit. And his explanation to the court was only lacking something to the effect, "I can burrow through an elephant" and he'd have gotten a walk. I just know it.
-bill kenny

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