Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Yankee Doodle Would Be Speechless

I've mentioned before that I love the Internet. Even if we weren't supposed to capitalize it, I would because It's Just That Wonderful. And I'm not talking about just cat memes though they are easily worth the kajillion of miles of fiber optic that makes them possible, along with those hurtling electrons. 

Where else could we argue earnestly as if it were actually important that those little animated do-hickeys are called Jifs, as in the peanut butter but singular as in sensation versus Gifs as in short for Giffords even though that isn't it at all. Talk about being the skinniest one in fat kid camp.

My current favorite discovery aside from the battle between Edison and Tesla followers for who is the true genius and wizard (hint: the train station on the NJ Transit line is called "Tesla"; not so much) is learning that MTV's Jersey Shore whose appeal eluded me from its debut through its demise is Big in Japan as, wait for it, "MTV Jersey Shore-the New Jersey Life of Macaroni Rascals."

That factoid makes my accidental discovery this past weekend that Alicia Witt is very much more talented as a musician than she is well-known (so far) as an actress (and she must be well-known if I know who she is) seem tame by comparison but it is, somehow a feather in my cap
-bill kenny

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