Monday, May 13, 2013

My, My, Hey, Hey

I have a subscription to Vimeo because I know a few folks who are seriously into various forms of visual expression and vimeo is a platform they use to share their work. They are quite good, said by a man who can barely reach a conclusion and who cannot draw a straight line and I very much enjoy not only their time and talents but the projects of those whom they like and are kind enough to recommend.

Yesterday, I came across a video that is not easy to watch nor is it short. It clocks in at over an hour and is not the most cheerful of subjects (I'd tell you what it's about but I want you to watch it and after I tell you the name I fear you won't). Still, I can hope you will admire the artfulness of it, because the purpose of art is to conceal art and its artful deception is superlative.

I know no other way to sugar-coat it. A Certain Kind of Death.
-bill kenny

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