Saturday, May 18, 2013

Excluding Snooki.....

My family and I are spending part of our weekend, actually last night and most of today with my brother, Adam, and his family in New Jersey.

Suze, their older child and the one who loves chicken Marsala (and don't tell me you didn't think I'd work that in!), is getting married in late summer to a marvelous young man, Ryan, who, despite having met my brother, remains deeply in love with Suzanne.  He's a man with his priorities in place and intact.

I should note my niece, Suzanne is a remarkable combination of kindheartedness, exuberance and caring (with a touch of ninja Girl Scout thrown in for variety), despite now residing in The Lone Star State and that, like her mother, she's a Jersey Girl.

I have a pronounced fondness for two syllable girls as the two I live with are German girls. And I know a little something about Jersey Girls, having three as sisters and two as sisters-in-law. You can always tell Jersey Girls. You just can't tell them very much, but you usually don't have to.
-bill kenny

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