Thursday, May 23, 2013

From Dentistry to Daltrey

I have a dentist. I didn't used to even though I had teeth and actually, and more importantly, currently, still have teeth. What I lacked was dental insurance, so for quite a bit of time I trod and chewed very carefully and even that wasn't enough to escape with no damage.

But my dentist is close to setting things right and even though I rarely smile, I'll have a beautiful one should I ever need it. The idea I could ever need a good smile is more than enough to make me chuckle like a hyena so I spend most of everyday with a grin so wide the whole top of my head is in danger of falling off. Sadly, except for the improvement, no one would otherwise notice.

He mentioned at our first meeting not that long ago while I imagined him unloading a small truck's worth of tools into my mouth something about a US Mint quarter struck to commemorate the Northern Mariana Islands.  Where else are you going to get education like that double-scoop of smart stuff, but here?

Tosh 2.0? I think not, Pilgrim. Actually, I suspect the coin was struck to enhance the revenue flow to the US Mint, which like the post office, makes as much if not more of its money from collectors as it does from users.

If there were money to be made by having a set of stamps depicting the positions of the Kama Sutra, the USPS and the Postmaster General would be there so quickly they wouldn't have time to put on the knee pads. Stamp collectors are even better than coin collectors because they never use the stamp so the money paid is pure gravy.

Of course with self-adhesive stamps they lose the promotional help of having anchovy flavored glue to affix the stamps to envelopes. Want to pull the post office out of the red? Take me up on my idea and watch men buy stamps. That's when you'd really see the money.

While reading the CIA factbook material on this US Commonwealth (and not finding any Weapons of Mass Destruction there either) I realized I was softly humming an old chestnut by The Who that has nothing to with the South Pacific or anything of any monetary value.

I couldn't get it out of my head until I got it into yours. I feel much better now, thanks.
-bill kenny

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