Saturday, May 4, 2013

Lawn Ornaments Riding Horses

Today is the 139th running of the "Fastest Two Minutes in the Whole Dam World or Something Like It" Yes. It's Kentucky Derby Day, the Race for the Roses and a hundred cliches that those who follow the Sport of Kings (and I wasn't sure what they meant for quite some time about that growing up) take as seriously as those who follow the World Series, the Super Bowl or the Stanley Cup take their sports.

The difference being you don't get to ride a team mate around a track in anything resembling a counter-clockwise direction (I think; and do they change directions  in Australia for the obvious reason) which is too bad because I imagine a placekicker riding around on a linebacker would be quite striking visually.

All I know about the event today is what Dr. Hunter S. Thompson wrote in 1970 when I was barely eighteen years old. It tore my mind in two; your turn.
And, you're welcome.
-bill kenny

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