Friday, May 24, 2013

Playing Hooky

I'm staying home today because I can and because I'm sort of sulking because in five weeks I'll stay home one work day every week through the end of September and that absence will be reflected in my paycheck.

All that arguing that's been going on between the morons and miscreants in the House of Representatives and the White House over continuing resolutions, deficit and spending reductions and sequestration? You're heard about that argy-bargy, have you? I'm the poster child for it-me and a bunch of folks you didn't know you knew.

Here's the thing and make no mistake it will be crappy but it still beats the heck out of being in Monroe, Oklahoma or a dozen other places across this country where horrible things have been happening to people. It really is one of those 'I felt sad because I had no shoes until I met someone who had no feet' situations. Of course, I'd take his shoes. But you already knew that. ;-{P
-bill kenny

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