Friday, May 31, 2013

Hooked on Phonics: It's a Dry Spelling

There are days, I know, when I offer you an item that might best be regarded as "news from the newsroom floor" if you haven't already concluded 'Pshaw! This is outright balderdash!' All I can say to that assertion my good sir or madam, is please call me before you offer such an utterance as I have always wished to hear both Pshaw and balderdash said aloud.

Such is the case again today, but I can only insist I am offering you a double dollop of the truth stuff when I tease you by quoting just the headline, "North Carolina Couple to Give Birth in Company of Dolphins."

Before You Click: it's not the Miami Dolphins. Too late, I know.
And as a bonus to the story, I am offering to you the "Top News Arab Emirates" version of the story. They seem to be an online English language news aggregator whose command of my native language's idiomatic and syntactical nuances leaves a little bit to be desired. I think of them as Drudge in a keffiyeh.

I know you believe I love this story because I watched Flipper on TV as a kid but that's not strictly true. I watched it on TV as a kid and as an adult. Thank God, or Allah as they might say at Top News Arab Emirates, for Nick at Night. Let's just say somewhere Mike Heron just cashed a royalty check and smiled.
-bill kenny

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