Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I Already Had a Line on a Saddle

It was treats day yesterday at work. Relatively speaking (of course), and very few of my relatives would have treated me so that's why I work in the Glass Menagerie because I'm dependent on the kindness of strangers and yet look nothing like Rue McClanahan unless you close your eyes very tightly.

My entire building got new hallway molding!! Of course, it's not actually my building, or it would be called Billding instead of building and I overdosed on the exclamation marks in the hopes that I might fool your eye into convincing your brain that this was more exciting than it actually was. And since it wasn't exciting at all, it was a fool's errand which is why I did it.

I think the new molding looks a lot look the old molding ('and the beard's have all grown longer over night') though I couldn't really tell you because while I saw it every day I really didn't, if you know what I mean.

I believe the color is the same as well and the height, but I could be wrong but I am not fearful if I am as I see no consequence for not being accurate. It's not like the fellow who did all of this will come back and take it away, or ?

I'm not sure what we did to rate the new molding and I'm a little uneasy at a rewards scale that has new hallway molding as a prize somewhere especially since I don't know if it's a top prize or a thanks for entering prize.

What if first prize in the drawing is actually a full week in the building? And second prize is two weeks? I've been here a little over twenty one and a half years, so where did I finish when the drawing was held? Outside the hat?
And what about those pony rides I hear so much about?
-bill kenny

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