Monday, May 6, 2013

Sometimes a Thing Is What a Thing Is

Early yesterday evening on one of the social media outlets, I happened across this image and found it to be arresting both visually and emotionally.

I'm not sure why I got stuck on it, but I did and I abandoned it only with reluctance. Seeing it made me feel like I was five years old again when the world was filled with limitless possibilities, though as a five-year old I knew neither of those words.

It reminded me of how much more magical a place this life is when you are young than when you are old. The same eyes that saw adventure hinted at in the shadows now curse the weak light and worry about the dangers that lie within.

And then I realized, sadly, it was a man and not a boy with the wheel barrow. A man who was seeing as much and as little of the mystery of the moment as I was staring at the screen watching his struggles on my monitor. And then I thought about Jimmy Webb and smiled.
-bill kenny

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