Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sort of Like Saint Patrick's Day

Across the USA today many of our friends and neighbors will celebrate Cinco de Mayo even though many can speak no more Spanish than is used at Taco Bell.

For a lot of us, today is a good reason for a party and we certainly don't need a second invitation to do that. With the exception of parts of the American Upper Mid-West, the weather should be conducive for frivolity and debauchery. As if either had anything to do with the origins of the day, today.

Hi.Lar.I.Ous. Yes, lots of jokes; some hateful, some hurtful, but only if you're the subject or the object. If you're the teller of the tale or part of the audience, it's a laugh riot. Somewhere beneath all of that attempted humor and synthetic bonhomie there might come a moment of reflection on the importance of this day for those of Mexican heritage. And a realization that we're more alike than any of us might have dreamed.
-bill kenny

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