Friday, May 10, 2013

Not Sure What Getting Better Looks Like

I've been carrying around a racking cough for the last ten days that caused me to visit my primary care physician twice in a week and a half. The first visit was short fused and I had to see her colleague as she was the only one available. I am an acquired taste and a rapid infusion situation doesn't help me.

I suspect made a very vivid impression on her so much so that when I called on Wednesday afternoon to make yet another appointment to get stronger meds or just have someone smother me with  a pillow I ended up with 'my' doctor.

This time of year we all get those annoying colds-the ones that aren't too bad in the day time but at night you feel like you're gonna cough up a lung. Those are the worst and I have a bad one.

My doctor came up with a cough syrup that puts you lights out in less than an hour after taking it. Not only did I not believe her and slept most of the night in a state of undress some might think of as fanciful because I was ambushed, but it camps out in your head for the next twelve hours.

Most of yesterday I spent walking waist deep in pea soup, or at least that's what it felt like. In fairness I will point out that when the fog finally cleared (around eleven) my cold felt almost gone but I had also eaten about a dozen brownies and could not explain the Steppenwolf's Greatest Hits poster on my office wall.
-bill kenny

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