Sunday, January 4, 2015

Like Riding a Bike

A year in Greenland will put you off snow for the rest of your life (it'll also put you off Eskimo Pie but let's leave that for another time) so I see myself as God's punchline for opting to spend this chapter of my life where we have all four seasons, to include the one that comes with snow.

If you were a child in New England who got a sled for Christmas it looked for awhile yesterday afternoon like maybe you were gonna get to take it out of the house and put it to use. Here in Norwich, I always took our children to the hill in front of Buckingham School where whole neighborhoods gathered even as the snow fell.

Thank goodness there was a stout fence at the foot of the hill alongside the third base side of the ball field to keep sledders from ending up as hood ornaments for speeding cars on Washington Street.

You can still hike over to the Norwich golf-course and enjoy some terrific \ sledding, in season, as flocks of children of all ages take to the "slopes." I'm not sure you can sled without a caddy, but we'll probably have a chance later this winter to find out.

We shouldn't this go around as the weather folks are predicting warm and even warmer as the two flavors of temperatures for today which will make yesterday's flurries disappear in a hurry.

Though it was nice to realize snow-shovelling is a little like riding a bike in that once you've learned you never forget how to do it. Try as you might. I shouldn't complain really-those are pine trees and not palm trees down the street.
-bill kenny

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