Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Lone Gunman Has Company

The farther out in space you travel, the more alike back here on Terra Firma we all look. That might be the most compelling argument to ever be made for space travel as we continue down here on the Big, Blue Marble to find differences within distinctions to match every political belief and social more.

I came across a story by the Christian Science Monitor (not known, at least to me, to be an intemperate or radical revisionist soapbox) whose headline simultaneously enticed and saddened me, “Why Many Americans Hold False Beliefs about WMDs in Iraq and Obama’s birthplace.”                    

Well, boy howdy. And I thought those who still murmur about how NASA staged the ‘moon landing’ in a New Mexico desert were sad. I didn't realize that in light of what we seem to be willing to believe, they might actually be among the more sane and sober of the conspiracists.

And talk about a no-solace situation, the article concludes, “…in a world of turmoil and uncertainty, it’s comforting to have reasons and answers, even if they’re wrong.” Yeah, we may often be wrong, but we’re always loud. 
Cheer up, I was told, things could always get worse. So I did, and they did too.

-bill kenny

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