Friday, January 2, 2015

Photo Phunnies?

I'm still off from work. I'm starting to suspect my bosses are passing the vacation hat around the office and gathering up more days to send to me so I leave them alone until they sort out this still-new year (or even longer). I know if they had their way it would be a top hat instead of a ball cap because the former holds more.
Ice starting to form on the Yantic River, below Uncas Leap
I'm weighing whether or not I want to share some of the pictures that I take while wandering around and about where I live in this space on a particular day of the week. The title I'm using for today's entry  was my homage to some classic stuff from National Lampoon's Radio Dinner. I don't expect you to get it-it's from before you were born, like almost everything I reference.
Norwich Harbor on New Year's Day 2015
I suspect I might make be better able to make a compelling argument for a specific calendar day for sharing pictures if the photos were excellent but when cornered I'd be forced to admit they rarely rise to that level.
The Yantic River rushing and tumbling over Uncas Leap 
I'm more of an Eric Idle, "I suffered for my art, and now it's your turn" kind of photographer which is painfully ironic since I actually know a rather large number of exceptionally very talented visualists (who may/may not be upset to discover (now) they all know me).
My nearly across the street neighbor, the Norwich Free Academy
I could point out the photos are taken with a camera in a cell phone I no longer use (but I really like the camera and lens in it, far better than the Apple device I currently use as my 'real' cell phone). Of course, that's an excuse masquerading as a reason and the effective range of most excuses is less than a meter (with a headwind).
Park Congregational Church, facing Chelsea Parade
Notice I'm not asking you for your preference mainly because I suspect you have one and will voice it at the first perceived opportunity. Tell you what, Phridays could be Photo Phunnies, for now. Whether it lasts until next week, who can say, and why would they want to? Here's one to help make the decision easier.
Auditioning for the side of the milk carton at MoheganPark
-bill kenny

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