Monday, January 26, 2015

Realizing (Again) those are Pine Trees not Palm Trees

The second thing I did yesterday morning when I got up was make arrangements with my work to be able to tele-commute through Wednesday because the first thing I did was check the forecast and discovered a picture is worth a thousand words or a billion snowflakes.

I'm thinking there's a lot to be said for selective color-blindness. And I love the asterisk. However, turn and face the strange....

We have gotten away (so far) with not much of a winter here in Southern New England (I never venture into Vermont, New Hampshire or Maine once the leaves depart the trees), but our luck will, say the meteorologists desert us today into the foreseeable future. Even though we shouldn't complain, I shall because I'm That Guy.

The third thing I did was ready the beast and prepare to release the hounds (okay, technically, one hound or a small number of cc's based on the displacement of the engine)-filled our snow blower with gas, checked the oil and made very sure it turns over and runs.

Two inches I don't mind shoveling. I've been told we might see four inches fall in an hour every hour for most of the afternoon. Mom raised crazy children not stupid ones (okay, after me).  Soon enough, we'll be complaining about the heat and humidity and in the meantime I can enjoy the empty-headed prattlers on Fox tsk-tsking global warming and mentioning this snowstorm as their refutation.

Same logic that says I had a big dinner last night so the notion that anyone in the world goes to bed hungry is a lie. The only thing both "liberal myths" will have in common by Wednesday is Ted Cruz will blame Barack Obama. Film at eleven.
-bill kenny

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