Monday, January 5, 2015

Sad though Not Unexpected

If we've met and you've spent more than a moment in my company you know why I'm not a big sports fan. I can injure myself while being part of a standing ovation. I lack any athletic ability at all-and have been known to goober up being the dummy hand in bridge.

All of that said, while I appreciate that we have 24/7 sports television channels, we needn't have had them for my sake but it's nice they exist for those so inclined.

One of the folks I always enjoyed watching work on the Excellence in Sports Programming Network, which is what ESPN started out being called, in Bristol, Connecticut was Stuart Scott, who passed away over this weekend at the age of forty-nine.

John Donne's bell rings all the time-sometimes it's a lot easier to hear than at others and I would hasten to point put that probably like you I had never met Stuart Scott so while knew of him, I didn't know him.

But through words such as these, I've formed a picture of the man, not just the talking head on the sports channel. It was great to have had the opportunity to share some of the journey here on the big. blue marble and I'll keep his family in my thoughts even as they hold him forever in their hearts.
-bill kenny

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