Thursday, January 22, 2015

Puts the Standing in that Ovation

Long ago, in another galaxy far away, I worked in rock and roll. Not in the snort my own body weight in cocaine during the road trip rock and roll. More the play the records from people who made the music and, if lucky get to converse with them sometimes aspect of the business. It’s a living.

Jello Biafra and the Dead Kennedys were a band of that era about whom I had heard and read a great deal without ever knowing very much about them or their music. Now, in an era of relentless visuals that may (or may not) have anything to do with the music, auto-tune (which has nothing to do with music at all) twerking and anacondas of all kinds, much of their body of work seems quaint and semi-sepia toned in terms of whom we are now.

That’s why I love a story like this. And if you’re an old dog like me in search of celebrating new tricks, be advised the concert was in the Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach, California, not LA’s The Roxy or the once and future Capitol Theater in Passaic, New Jersey (where I took Genevieve F (before she broke my heart) to enjoy Fleetwood Mac and no one in the band looked like Mick Fleetwood or John McVie, because they weren’t there; the manager owned the name and packaged some musicians to cash in on the band).

From Holiday in Cambodia to folks horizontal bopping during the instrumental break. And thank goodness for Roadkill TV News to rush this story to our video screens (I love the exclusive visual you offered me). My favorite part was catching a glimpse in the extreme wide shot of a coming attraction on the marquee for Tower of Power. Talk about putting the hard into so very hard to go.

-bill kenny

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