Saturday, January 24, 2015

Memo to Marie Antoinette

One of the more poorly understood natural laws of the universe is our species’ right to be miserable if that’s what we want to be. A lot is made of the language in the Declaration of Independence suggesting that the USA is the once and future Party Central what with our ‘Unalienable rights…to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.’ Take that Magna Carta or Declaration of the Rights of Man.

But for some of us, any form of pursuit is out of the question and our ability to make ourselves unhappy to be here is only surpassed by our capacity to make others as unhappy about that as we are. Why else would anyone anywhere at any time attempt to special order a cake from Azucar Bakery in Denver Colorado to relay a homophobic message

After the order was refused by the baker, the unhappy would-be customer filed a religious discrimination complaint. How do you feel about this classic expression of exasperation: That really takes the cake doesn’t it? <GROAN> I’m thinking based on that complaint, hate is now a religion? That means things must be really looking up for Westboro Baptist Church and ISIL.    

Talk about It’s My Party (and I’ll Cry if I Want To). 

All you can do is shake your head sometimes at how we behave towards one another. This is the type of story I always mean to return to and ‘see how it all comes out’ and never do because it slips my mind in that it’s showing us at our worst and meanest moment and I don’t really need to add to my collection of those. Quite frankly, neither does anyone else.

-bill kenny

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