Thursday, January 29, 2015

No Business like Snow Business

We had 22 inches of snow where I live in Norwich, Connecticut, so if you live in the New York metro area and feel cheated because you didn't get what you felt you had been promised, perhaps there was some kind of a logistical error and your precipitation ended up on my front lawn and walk and side yard as well as driveway and garage roof and, etc....(you get the picture). Or not.

Now you have a picture and yes, that's my garage and yes the snow was halfway up the walls and that was in the afternoon before it got exceptionally stupid in these parts. I was standing in our kitchen on an enforced by my wife break from snow clearing when I grabbed that picture and this one as well.

Our daughter, Michelle, in a light-hearted moment-not choosing to catch the flakes with her tongue instead of using her shovel, just being silly. And I was still in the kitchen on a time-out because Sigrid has repeatedly suggested I overdo things a little bit. Thirty-eight years ago, being an excitable boy was a large part of my appeal-hell, for the most part it was my entire appeal.

Now it means I ended up at the doctor yesterday morning and will stay home and heavily medicated the rest of the week with strep throat which is contagious. If you have someone at work you don't care for, let me know and I'll swing by and lick 'em for you. Should keep 'em sidelined for a couple of days or more.
-bill kenny

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