Friday, January 30, 2015

R U Some Kind of Ricardo?

I am a very prejudiced person. I dislike people and/or organizations that offer me less than their best and don't care what happens. Almost from the time we signed on with them (because for decades in Connecticut, you had no choice of cable providers aside from 'take it or leave it'), I've disliked Comcast.

I had and continue to have my reasons, to include most recently (in my opinion) they're becoming a vertical combination in restraint of trade (=monopoly) with their acquisition of NBC Universal, whose program offerings on a number of channels also flows through their cable pipeline.

A number of years ago, I swapped monopolies and went with AT&T U-verse which was bought up (out?) by Frontier last fall. As happy as I was with AT&T, I have been that degree of UNhappy with Frontier and more.

Talk about First World Problems: Close to a dozen times this month alone, we've lost cable, land line and Internet simultaneously) for periods ranging from two to six minutes. That's not enough, yet, to provoke me to switch providers (Comcast would be my alternative, again) but enough to cause me to contemplate it.

And then I read a story like this, and smile, because every time someone tells me I'm too hard on the Too Big To Get Out Of Its Own Way Monopoly (which, by the bye, has some pretty strong feelings about net neutrality and trust me, you wouldn't like them), I'll remember this piece of puerile buffoonery and grit my teeth one more time as Francis, the Frontier spokes-buffalo, ambles across my high def prairie to tell me what a swell fella he is.
-bill kenny

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